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Our factory was established in 2003. Through unremitting efforts, we have become a professional supplier for high-end Lighting contract market. Our products are exported to over 60 countries and regions, working closely with over 200 professional lighting brands, furniture brands, chains shops, wholesalers and contractors all over the world.

Elegant designs, uncompromising quality and advanced stainless steel technique is the core foundation of Deyao. We are able to offer manufacturing quality that competes with the best factories around the world.

We have a team of 10 young and energetic interior designers, and also work with designers from other countries. Each year, a certain amount of  new designs are launched constantly. We respect for original designs, and we are a member of ACID. All our designed products have been registered and protected in ACID.  After rigorous tests by SGS, our products conform with relevant standards and regulations with CE ertificates.

We have a QC team of 30 members, who perform strict quality control on every process in production. For electrical safety, we will carry out 100% safety test according to the regulations request in customers, countries, thus ensure the safety and quality.The main components and finishes will be made in house while introducing more and more latest techniques and devices. We have a perfect technology process from tools making, stamping, welding and polishing, painting, lampshade making, plaster making to assembling. All these help our company strive to produce innovative products to highest manufacturing standards.  With advanced stainless steel technique, we use stainless steel 304 a lot in our products. Our excellent polishing and brushing skills provide different finishes to replace electrical plating so the products are more friendly to environment, and much more durable. At present, we keep working hard to develop more practical and elegant finishes on the stainless steel material to give more colour options.

We are working hard, self-examination and improvement within the company are being made every day to keep us going…

We are changing, always following the market place…

Deyao is a member of ACID. All copyright , design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our design and products and in the images text and design of this website are and will remain the property of Deyao and our designers.Any infringement of these rights will be rigorously pursued.

2003: Yifeng was established, with factory area of 1200 square metres,  50 employees, mainly  produced metal works and lighting products.
2006: Moved to the new plant of 16800 square metres, massively invested in equipments and techniques, and expanded teams and productions.
2007: 1st show in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, launched original lighting designs.
2008: Became a member of ACID.
2009: Lampshade workshop was established.
2011: Plaster workshop was established.
2014: renamed to Deyao to focus on lighting manufacturing, has 300 employees.

Tooling workshop

We believe proper Tooling makes the best products, so we make all our own toolings.

We have all necessary equipments for high accuracy and a skillful technical team.

General view of tooling workshop.

Highly accurate spark erosion machines

Discussing the design and key points.

the tooling parts being made carefully

Stamping and Machine Workshops

We at DeYao are committed to improving our production process at all times, therefore we introduce up to date machinery as often as we can. We have of course all the usual necessary machines such as lathes, drills, punching machines, deep draw presses, folders, grinders, thread cutters, etc. We have introduced modern CNC lathes, computer controlled bending machines and laser welders, all of which with our experienced technical teams get the best precision and use from all our machinery.

Critical quality control guarantees the subsequent processes go smoothly.

Stamping Workshop

Sheet folding machine

Lathe team

Punching and deep-drawing machines

Our tool storage area

Welding Workshop

The workshop is equipped with devices of argon arc welding, electrical welding, lead welding, , auto straight bead welding, auto girth welding, spot welding, 3D laser welding and an experienced welding team. Our welding capacity is very strong and skills are superior, which support our designers to do more designs beyond imagination.

In our welding workshop we do laser, gas and tig welding.

We are very proud of our 2 laser welders as this allows us to make very accurate products with very little contamination. We also do soldering, brazing and silver soldering.

argon arc gas welding

3D Laser Welding  

Painting Workshop.

We do Epoxy powder coating and wet spray painting all in house.

Firstly all components are checked and cleaned. We use ultra sound and other necessary cleaning processes.

We have 2 wet spray painting rooms and 2 powder coating rooms. All are equipped with air-cleaning systems to reduce the impact on the environment.

Considering the variety of lighting components, we precisely control the solidification process by adjusting the temperature and time in the ovens to minimize the colour difference.

We check the colours under standard constant fluorescent lamps to make sure of their consistency.  QC is 100% for the finished components.

Ultra sonic cleaning

  Powder coating

Wet spraying

  QC is 100% checking the finished components.

Polishing Workshop

We do all our own polishing and we polish our components to a beautiful mirror finish!

We have 3 polishing lines all equipped with auto-polishing machines.

We also have brushing machines, sandblasting machines etc. to cater for different finishes.

To ensure everything is as clean as possible and the workers have really good working conditionswe have, not only an innovative system for a fully ventilated and dust free environment, but also full air conditioning, all this ensures our workers are happy and produce high quality products.

100% inspection will always be done on every single item before they are moved to the next process.

our polishing line

100% inspection is done on the polished items to ensure excellent quality.

Assembly Workshop

We have 5 assembly lines in our workshop. Capacious and bright space, clean environment,  rigorous requirements and detailed division of labor ensure highest quality products all the time.

We pay great attention to the safety of the products, carrying on 100% electrical tests, including high-pot test, grounding continuity test, polarity test, function test, torque test etc.

Assembly workshop, general view.

100% safety tests on line.

Large CNC cutting machine for cartons to deal with small orders and to improve our packaging design.

Energetic, responsible, experienced teams work well together.

Plaster Workshop

Most of the work on manufacturing plaster products is done by hand, and because it is impossible as yet to get perfect quality plaster powder in China, we have to clean and repair our products very carefully.

We firstly make our master mould and then pour the plaster into the working moulds. When the plaster has set, we clean, repair and polish it, and sometimes machine it to ensure it is perfect. We are very proud of our plaster products.

General view of our workshop.

A worker carefully repairs this plaster product.

Lampshade Workshop

We manufacture all our lampshades in house.We make all the frames and then epoxy coat them. To ensure the quality of the fabric shades, we buy in good quality PVC and laminate our own fabrics to this. To ensure accuracy, we then cut the patterns on a CNC cutting machine.

These are then carefully glued to the frame.

Picture of general view of frame making.

The fabric materials are cut by CNC machine to achieve accurate dimensions.

Lampshade workshop.


Etching Machine 

We can etch your logo or any design onto your product.

Laser machine is etching a brand logo on a product.

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